A Better Oregon update

Posted by  Kari Koch   in       Mar 16, 2016     1468 Views     Comments Off on A Better Oregon update  

by Margaret Butler, Executive Director

The Better Oregon campaign is moving ahead quickly!  Already supporters have collected more than 60,000 signatures of the 88,000 we need to have by July.  Most of the signatures have been collected by volunteers.  It’s fun and easy to go out as part of a mobilization and ask people at an event or go door to door.  Oregonians are eager to sign and help make sure big out-of-state corporations pay their fair share.

This initiative will be a game changer for education, health care and senior services in our state, bringing in billions more in revenue.  The Comcasts of the world will spend large amounts this fall to try to stop us, so the more Oregonians get involved now, the stronger we will be when that happens.  Get involved, take petitions to your colleagues and friends. More information here