AAUP-Oregon is hiring

Posted by  Margaret Butler   in  ,      Feb 1, 2017     1913 Views     Comments Off on AAUP-Oregon is hiring  

It’s been my honor to serve as AAUP-Oregon’s  Executive Director for the last three years, but I am ready to retire.   I have loved getting to work with faculty across the state and put my efforts into building this statewide organization.  It’s been wonderful to see the organization grow and learn and build the various parts of our work: legislative, organizing, communications, collective bargaining.  It’s also been wonderful working with our partners in the Higher Ed Coalition and thinking together about how to win educator-led, student centered, debt-free higher education in our state.

Please spread the word that we are looking for a new ED.  See the  position description here. Any questions, please feel free to email me at margaret@aaup-oregon.org.