AAUP-Oregon Statewide Endorsements

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The AAUP-Oregon Legislative Committee, Executive Council, and the leadership of all AAUP collective bargaining chapters in Oregon have reviewed and collectively determined our statewide position on ballot measures and candidates. Our endorsements are limited to those where candidates or campaigns completed our questionnaire.

Statewide Ballot Measures

Constitutional Amendment 102 (Lift the current ban on the ability of local governments to work with non-profits and local businesses to build affordable housing with bonds)
Recommendation: Vote Yes

Constitutional Amendment 103 (Prohibit taxes/fees on “groceries”)
Recommendation: Vote No

Constitutional Amendment 104 (Expand application of the requirement that three-fifths legislative majority to approve bills raising revenue)
Recommendation: Vote No

Ballot Measure 105 (Repeals “Sanctuary State” Law in Oregon, meaning local law enforcement could direct resources and personnel to the enforcement of federal immigration law)
Recommendation: Vote No

Ballot Measure 106 (Prohibit direct or indirect (e.g. PEBB or OHP) use of state funds for abortion services)
Recommendation: Vote No

State-Level Candidates


  • Kate Brown (D)

State Senate

  • Shannon Souza (D-SD1)
  • Jeff Golden (D-SD3)
  • Floyd Prozanski (D-SD4)
  • James I. Manning, Jr. (D-SD7)
  • Sara Gelser (SD8)
  • Deb Patterson (D-SD10)
  • Chuck Riley (D-SD15)
  • Rob Wagner (D-SD19)
  • Charles Gallia (D-SD20)

State House of Representatives

  • Pam Marsh (D-HD5)
  • Marty Wilde (D-HD11)
  • Julie Fahey (D-HD14)
  • Dan Rayfield (D-HD16)
  • Teresa Alonso Leon (D-HD22)
  • Susan McLain (D-HD29)
  • Janeen Sollman (D-HD30)
  • Tiffiny Mitchell (D-HD32)
  • Rachel Prusak (D-HD37)
  • Mark Meek (D-HD40)
  • Karin Power (D-HD41)
  • Diego Hernandez (D-HD47)
  • Chris Gorsek (D-HD49)
  • Janelle Bynum (D-HD51)
  • Eileen Kiely (D-HD53)