AAUP Oregon Objectives


The objectives of AAUP Oregon are as follows:

  1. Support the development of member chapters through member and leader training, consultation, and internal organizing.
  2. Support collective bargaining in affiliated chapters and collaborate when appropriate. Assist advocacy chapters in their pursuit of collective bargaining, if requested.
  3. Promote AAUP principles, policies, and best practices in colleges and universities in Oregon through the work of an active AAUP-Oregon Committee A.
  4. Promote political action for the collective interests of affiliated chapters, as embodied in AAUP-Oregon objectives.
  5. Promote academic quality, AAUP principles, and higher education best practices through communications and public relations,.
  6. Coordinate strategy and activities that promote AAUP-Oregon objectives with other higher education groups, labor unions, and National AAUP.

The Conference is a labor organization under Section 501 (c) 5 of the Internal Revenue Code for the above stated purposes in the promotion of high quality higher education as an investment in Oregon’s future.