Candidate Endorsements

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Note: Original post was updated 09/24/20 to reflect additional endorsements. Our Legislative Committee, Executive Committee, and the leadership of all AAUP collective bargaining chapters in Oregon have reviewed and collectively determined our statewide candidate endorsements. Our endorsements are based upon review of candidates' responses to our questionnaire and the legislative record of incumbent candidates.  The next Oregon Legislature must reckon with a nearly $4B projected budget deficit. The choices made in closing that deficit will impact every Oregonian. It is imperative that we seat House and Senate legislators who will protect essential public services like education and health care.  A majority is…

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Special Session Update

  Aug 13, 2020     1255 Views     Leave your thoughts  

Dear AAUP Oregon, I am pleased to report that the collective efforts across the higher education community successfully persuaded the legislature to preserve the current allocations to the Public University Support Fund – no cuts from the state to higher education for the remainder of this biennium.Thank you to everyone on our staff, our allies, and our members who helped make this possible. Of course challenges remain for this coming academic year, and we invite campus chapters and locals to continue to persuade university and college leaders to prioritize mission-centered budgeting. As we urged in a letter in The Oregonian this week, our…

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