Epochal Crossroads and the Value(s) of Higher Education: A Critical Reflection

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by Pedro García-Caro, United Academics at UO The divisive and toxic national political climate has deeply impacted our campus throughout this academic year, altering the way in which words sound and acts mean, changing the way in which we all see each other and the university as an institution. Already, over the past decade, the historical crossroads for our university was an increasingly fraught choice between a previously dignified public university or a largely privatized corporation. The scandalous withdrawal of state revenues away from Higher Education in Oregon and elsewhere in the country dictated a donor-driven, student-as-customer-and-future-alumni ethos for which the…

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United Academics at OSU: Building Our Faculty Union

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by Kathleen Stanley, Activist, United Academics at OSU It's official!  The AAUP advocacy chapter at OSU is joining together with colleagues from across the university to build our faculty union.  After much behind the scenes organizing, we're pleased to announce that United Academics of Oregon State University has gone public!  We kicked off the public phase of our union building with a well attended lecture and discussion on May 15th with Dr. Lisa Klein of Rutgers University on the topic of "Why Faculty Unions Matter."  Through our organizing work we've learned more about our colleagues and their concerns and we'll…

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