Act Now to Stop New Attacks on PERS

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Over the past few years, AAUP-Oregon members and allies have stood together to stop cuts to PERS that would harm our retirement security. Time and time again corporate special interests and some politicians have come after our benefits, and this year has brought a fresh attack. Contact Governor Brown and your local legislators today. Tell them to defend retirement security for public employees. Here’s a rundown of what’s at stake: Salaries could be cut. One proposal would require working people to pay a percentage of salary into the state’s pension fund with NO increase in benefits. Individual Account Program funds could…

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Mid-Session Legislative Update

  Apr 12, 2019     1830 Views     Leave your thoughts  

We are half way through a jam-packed legislative session! The AAUP-Oregon Legislative Committee has been busy reviewing proposed legislation and drafting and delivering testimony in support of our priority bills. You can access a full list of legislative positions adopted by AAUP-Oregon here. You can read testimony submitted by AAUP-Oregon here.The following provides a brief update on the status of AAUP-Oregon’s priority legislation. Senate Bill 852 Working alongside our Higher Education Coalition partners, AAUP-Oregon is championing SB 852 to provide subsidized insurance to faculty who, when they pool their hours across Oregon’s public universities and community colleges, work more than halftime. The…

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