The Public University that Was (Part I)

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by Pedro Garcia-Caro, Secretary  At a recent meeting of the Oregon Consortium of International and Area Studies (OCIAS, based in the College of Arts and Sciences, CAS), which brings together programs such as Latin American, African, European, Asian Studies, and the Department of International Studies among others, one of the perverse effects of privatization in higher education which I discussed in my previous article was once again revealed: private funding overrules faculty governance and expertise, top-down managerial choices decide student access and needs. In sum, the merits of an academic area of research are measured by how much interest it may…

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The truth about Oregon’s ‘right-to-work’ initiative

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  Please check out this guest op-ed by AAUP Oregon's Vice President for Collective Bargaining, Mary King, and Gordon Lafer, Associate Professor at the Labor Education and Resource Center @UO.  So called "right to work" laws are anything but - check out King and Lafer's analysis here:   http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2013/06/heres_the_truth_about_oregons.html

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