AAUP Oregon Leadership


Current AAUP Oregon Leadership  (last updated 5/19/2018)

  • President: Michael Dreiling, UO
  • Vice President – Membership & Organizing: Michael Hames-Garcia, UO
  • Vice President – Academic Freedom & Governance: Bob Liebman, PSU
  • Vice President – Political Action:  Ramin Farahmandpur, PSU
  • Vice President – Communications and Public Relations:  Nancy Eichsteadt, PSU
  • Secretary: Pedro Garcia-Caro, UO
  • Treasurer: Maram Epstein, UO
  • Advocate for Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Kathleen Stanley, OSU
  • Advocate for Academic Professionals: Karen Kennedy, PSU
  • Advocate for Graduate Students: Laura Lyons, PSU
  • PSU Representative: José Padin
  • UO Representative: Michael Dreiling

New Officers  will be sworn in at the April 21st AAUP-Oregon Annual Meeting.

Per Article VII of the AAUP Oregon Constitution:

“In even years, elections will be held for the VP for Political Action, the VP for Membership and Organizing, the Vice President- Communication and Public Relations, the Treasurer, the CB chapters, the Advocate for Contingent Faculty and the Advocate for Graduate Students.”

AAUP-Oregon Officer Position Descriptions