Proposed Change to AAUP-Oregon Constitution

Posted by  Margaret Butler   in       Mar 24, 2017     1471 Views     Comments Off on Proposed Change to AAUP-Oregon Constitution  

Official Notice: The AAUP-Oregon Executive Committee is proposing changes to the AAUP-Oregon Constitution to be voted on at the Membership Meeting on April 29th, 2017. The changes are to streamline our Executive Committee by removing the positions of VP for Collective Bargaining, Advocate for Tenure, and At-Large Member representative.  We are required by the Constitution to give all members 30 days notice of our intent to vote on this change.  You can see the Constitution with the proposed change here.

The details of what we are proposing: In Article VI, section 1, delete VP for Collective Bargaining.  In Article VI, section 2, delete subsection c, the at-large member.  This changes the lettering on all following subsections.  In Article VI, delete section 15, Advocate for Tenure.  This changes the numbering on all following sections.  In Article VII, section 1, delete VP for Collective Bargaining, the at large representative and the advocate for tenure from the list of positions to elect.

Rationale for proposal: The Executive Committee recognizes that the state conference work of connecting colleagues around collective bargaining does not need a Vice Presidential position, that the Advocate for Tenure position overlaps to a significant degree with the work of the Vice President for Academic Freedom and Governance, and that there are only a handful of at-large members in our state.