Proposed Constitution  Changes

Posted by  Ashley Bromley   in       Apr 12, 2019     1490 Views     Comments Off on Proposed Constitution  Changes  

The following AAUP-Oregon Constitution amendments will be subject to a vote of approval at the May 11 Annual Meeting. Full text of proposed revisions may be found here.

Summary of Proposed Changes:

  • Move the date when newly elected officers assume their positions from the date of the Annual Meeting to the date of the Summer Executive Committee meeting. This change will prevent a change in leadership (especially the President and VP for Political Action) from occurring in the middle of a legislative session.
  • Replace the specific months of January, April, July, and October for quarterly Executive Committee meetings with a requirement to meet in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall of each year. Meetings occasionally need to happen a week or two outside of the prescribed month because of scheduling conflicts. While it’s important to meet quarterly, flexibility in the exact scheduling is helpful.
  • Change references to a Graduate Student Advocate to Graduate Employee Advocate. This change more accurately reflects the makeup of our organization and recognizes our graduate employee members in their role as employees of their universities.