Support Faculty at Linfield College

Posted by  Ashley Bromley   in       Apr 10, 2019     1537 Views     Comments Off on Support Faculty at Linfield College  

Linfield’s new President, Miles Davis, has indicated the intention to terminate 20-25 faculty positions to reduce Linfield’s anticipated budget deficit. These cuts appear to be moving forward without a clear demonstration of their necessity or adherence to established shared governance procedures at Linfield. Specifically, the administration has failed to declare financial exigency to justify the termination of faculty positions without cause. These terminations would violate both the Linfield College Faculty Handbook and AAUP principles.

Our request is simple: sign this petition drafted in support of Linfield faculty, share with colleagues, and share widely in your larger faculty networks. It is our hope that a strong showing of support from colleagues across Oregon and the country will help Linfield administrators realize the gravity of this decision and engage with faculty to productively address Linfield’s enrollment concerns and budgetary challenges.

Please sign in support of Linfield faculty and share widely with faculty and your AAUP chapter membership!